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The popularity rank in Serbia is #9466
Worldwide there are 708+ people named Fadi

» Meaning

Meaning of name Fadi is Sacrificer; saviour

» Famous people

Fadi Merza is an Syrian-Austrian middleweight kickboxer.
Fadi Lafi Abu Lattifa is a Palestinian footballer, who plays as a forward for Hilal Al-Quds.
Fadi Afash player with the Portland Timbers of the USL First Division.
Fadi Malke is a Assyrian-Swedish footballer of Lebanese descent who plays for AFC United as a defender.
Fadi Elsalameen is a prominent youth leader, businessman, op-ed writer, blogger, commentator, and public speaker.
Benjamin Fadi is a Ghanaian footballer currently playing for Malmö FF in Allsvenskan as a forward.
Fadi or Fady Elias Abi Abboud is a Lebanese businessman, politician and minister of tourism.
Fadi Haddad is a Lebanese music video director.
Fadi Kafisha was the head of the Tanzim in Nablus.
Fadi Hammadeh is a Syrian auto-cross driver.

» Popular firstnames for surname Fadi

      Nevena(1)   Magda(1)   Oto(1)   Sandor(1)   Tibor(1)   Julijana(1)   Jozef(1)   Caba(1)   Daniela(1)   Ferenc(1)   Gabor(1)   Andras(1)  


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