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În Romania, numele este pe locul #5804 ca popularitate
Pe glob sunt 168+ oameni cu numele Berende

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      Ioan(13) Berende   Vasile(9) Berende   Toader(5) Berende   Login(5) Berende   Cornelia(4) Berende   Filimon(4) Berende   Aurel(4) Berende   Elena(4) Berende   Reghina(4) Berende   Iacob(4) Berende   Constantin(4) Berende   Alexandru(4) Berende   Maria(4) Berende   Petru(3) Berende   Valentin(3) Berende   Lazar(3) Berende   Pantelimon(3) Berende   Virginia(3) Berende   Victoria(3) Berende   Viorica(3) Berende   Ilie(2) Berende   Niculita(2) Berende   Neculai(2) Berende   Beniamin(2) Berende   Nicoleta(2) Berende   Iftinia(2) Berende   Maftei(2) Berende   Reta(2) Berende   Gavril(2) Berende   Catalin(2) Berende   Cristian(2) Berende   Luminita(2) Berende   Carmen(2) Berende   Ana(2) Berende   Candale(2) Berende   Grigore(2) Berende   Daniel(2) Berende   Danut(2) Berende   Gheorghe(2) Berende   Nela(1) Berende   Tiberiu(1) Berende   Nastasia(1) Berende   Ovidiu(1) Berende   Vicentiu(1) Berende   Gafia(1) Berende   Iosif(1) Berende   Camelia(1) Berende   Gabriel(1) Berende   Samuel(1) Berende   Felicia(1) Berende   Damaschin(1) Berende   Aurelia(1) Berende   Cornel(1) Berende   Gavrila(1) Berende   Alexa(1) Berende   Mariana(1) Berende   Mihai(1) Berende   Minodora(1) Berende   Manoila(1) Berende   Laura(1) Berende   Florin(1) Berende   Irina(1) Berende   Monica(1) Berende  





20+6-1 = ?

Berende Sergiu says: I think something is not quite accurate in your report due to the fact that I can't see my name there and there are more other that are missing. Anyway, do you have a database that can be shared, related to Berende name? for example I want to find the connection bewteen my name(romanian)and other dutch names

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