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Sam Beijner said about /sweden/Vorne - undrar vad Sam betyder och varfor namnet ges till båda könen

Desquaires said about /fr/Desquaires - Bonjour, D’après mes ancêtres du Limousin, notre nom signifie "tat de pierres".

aimene said about /name/Aimene - Bonjour, je voulais bien savoir l'origine du nom de famille Aimene. C t'un nom commun ou d'un decsandance de tout les Aimene de monde merci

Julien pencrech said about /fr/Pencrech - J'ais une question je m'appelle aussi pencrech es que nous serions parant éloigné sans savoir en s' appelant par le même nom de famille ?

Sónia said about /pt/Mocisso - Gostava de saber qual a origem do meu apelido mocisso ja que é tao raro nao encontro outro fora da minha familia

Vija Brunius said about /sweden/Brunius - I am a Member of Canadian Nordic Society. Friend of Iceland, Board, Membership

Jovan Krnjic said about /sr/Krnjic - Opstina Bajina Basta.selo Višesava.zaseok Krnjici

Ailton said about /it/beduschi - Ciao, come stai? Sto cercando documento nascita del mio antenato PLATANI Luiggi Beduschi, potrebbe gentilmente dirmi dove posso trovare maggiori informazioni?

Kerdjadja said about /fr/Kerdjadja - Je cherche la famille Kerdjadja

Luiza Maria Dinu said about /ro/Linden - Defapt eu zic ca ie o floare

susanna said about /it/Fulizio - vorrei cortesemente sapere il significato del cognome fulizo

arias said about /se/Sintorn - hey i would like to find my relatives from honduras

zlatica said about /croatia/Galjar - i would like to do my family tree fathers side Galjars

TSALI PACE said about /name/Tsali - Hello my name is TSALI, named after my ancestor of the Cherokee people named TSALI, not saying I am a descendant of TSALI, if I was, what an honor that would be, and it is possible I could be. Anyway this is written to help clarify a few errors in the above information on TSALI. TSALI is actually a MASCULINE name, NOT FEMININE! It is a Cherokee indian name which means CHAH-LEE which translates to Charlie or Little Charlie or Charles. Here in the Appalachian mountains of Western NC and on the Qualla Boundary of the Eastern Band of Cherokee we pronounce the literal spelling as SA-LI, silent T. Others try to say or use the Western Band of Cherokee dialect or the Russian pronuciation of TSA which is ZA-LI or Zollie. We speak the original Cherokee tongue. Not until the last several decades has many actually learned to read and write in Cherokee due to the US government forbid it, so it's been kept alive orally for the past almost 200 years, until now where it is taught in school to the younger generations. The original TSALI gave his life to save the remainder of Cherokee Nation that were hiding out in the Smoky mountains of North Carolina. It was either he and his 2 older son's surrender to be exocuted by firing squad, because he and several others had attacked and killed 2 soldiers due to them more or less killing his wife and baby plus other I'll treatment of other Cherokee people. Otherwise the sorry Andrew Jackson would have ordered to kill or exterminate all the Cherokee people for their land due to the Federal Indian Removal Act of 1830, which began in 1831-1850 and included what is known as The 5 Civilized Nations of the Southeastern US, the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee people. All other Cherokee were rounded up and marched west to Oklahoma in 1838-1839, which is known as The TRAIL OF TEARS. It's called this due to approximately 6,000 of the 16,543 relocated Cherokee. The reason behind the 1830 Indian Removal Act was due to the discovery of gold in Dahlonega, Georgia in 1828 and started the Georgia Gold Rush and white man's greed. Anyway, Come visit during the summer months to the Qualla Boundary of the Eastern Band of Cherokee in Cherokee, NC and go see the outdoor drama UNTO THESE HILLS and learn the history of the Cherokee people and the life of TSALI.

Deborah zwennicker said about /nl/Zwennicker - Hallo,wil graag weten over de Naam zwennicker ,Wat het betekent en vanwaar die Naam.

pacolt said about /cz/Pacolt - pacoltusa nar kolem roku 1910 v usa

ionete said about /romania/Ionete - gresit, numai in familia nostra sunt 36. Mai actualizati

Acácio da Rosa Florentino said about /brazil/Acacio - Hi, My name is Acácio da Rosa Florentino (last name: Florentino), and I'm from the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, so please feel free to include it. Besides, how is the data collected? It's weird that even though I'm perhaps one of the most connected (nerd) people in the whole world, I haven't seen my name here. Thanks in advance!

Kazimiera Jasiecka said about /pl/Jasiecka - szukam miejsca urodzenia mojej mamy Kazimiery z domu Jasieckiej ur. 24 marca 1922

Francisco said about /ar/Vigue - Pertnezco al país Chile, ciudad Viña del Mar. Quinta Región del Pais.Mi madre Antonieta Vigue Vallade. Aún quedamos los tres hermanos José Daniel Rubio Vigue, José Alberto Rubio Vigue y Francisco Gabriel Rubio Vigue. Espero haber colaborado. Saludos y gracias.

Melina said about /ar/Querchi - Brasil tem 3 querchi Melina , Cristina e Arieli

Helena said about /poland/Kasza - swierzowa polska

Anestin Dan said about /canada/Ionescu - Escu is one of the characteristic endings of Romanian names. Its origins relate to the Latin es cum, showing that those named Ionescu, Petrescu, Calinescu or Popescu, etc were the sons of Ion, Petre, Calin, or a priest's (Popa) son The time made it easier to pronounce escu that es cum.

Rapita said about /pl/Rapita - W lubuskim sa dwie rodziny Rapita

federico said about /it/Irlando - qual'è il significato del cognome IRLANDO ? Grazie

Gruneichtime said about /usa/Smith - Out of everything I have read on the name "Smith" it means works with metal. Not tradesman, never heard or read that one.

Othmar Zendron said about /at/Gruenwald - in German the name is spelt Grünwald (u with dots); there is at least 1 Wanda Grünwald in Vienna

Othmar Zendron said about /at/Zendron - There are at least two (2) Zendrons in Upper Austria, my mother Erika and my brother Rainer

George Makuchete said about /uk/Makuchete - I want to say the name Makuchete means zvakanaka chete (only nice things)

Andrzej said about /poland/Rongers - Szukam dawnego znajomego z Warszawy i Zakopanego

toran said about /it/Toran - vorrei sapere quanti toran ci sono in italia

Haraga Cristian said about /ro/Haraga - cunoastere

Dima said about /ro/Tirsu - Ce insemna Tiesu

kant said about /netherlands/Schellekens - kant kornelis

zofia Cwierz said about /poland/Cwierz - Looking for extended family in Poland

John Chapter said about /name/Chapter - Came from Devon England Born around 1817

Riccardo Rodegher said about /brazil/Bendini - me vuela nacio in Brasile in S. Paulo se chiamava Amelia Bendini e se caso in Italia con Carlo Rodegher me vuelo

Riccardo said about /brazil/Rodegher - me vuela nacio in san paulo e se chiamava Amelia Bendini e se caso con Rodegher Carlo

Pierrick Le Flochmoan said about /fr/Zantain - The surname Zantain has been created when my grand grand father came from Poland during the WWII. His surname was first Zandsztajn but has been changed to Zantain when he came to France

Mohamed SMINE said about /name/Smine - TUNISIA is my country

Zygmunt Bielak said about /poland/Bielak - Zygmunt Bielak

Izgin said about /se/Izgin - Vill nara veta

belen said about /ar/Fratovich - hola tengo ese apellido

Roman Urbisz said about /poland/Urbisz - Hello - Do you know this name? My father was his son.

Matt said about /name/Ruvarashe - Ruvarashe is a Zimbabwean (shona) name Ruva meaning flower and rashe meaning of god so flower of god or god's flower. Being a zimbabwean name I thinnk your distribution pie chart may be a little off.

Clara said about /sweden/andersson - I am from sweden

Juan Carlos Gonzalez Villaveir said about /ar/Villaveiran - y soy de Cuba, aqui somos varios, sumarnos a sus estadisticas,

cassel claude said about /fr/Cenefels - période dijonnaise 1982-3

bluszcz said about /usa/Bluszcz - looking for family

Petar Rakas said about /serbia/Rakas - Rakas is a Serbian surname. Rakas is a Serbian word, which means warrior knight commander, who is an expert on wartime military strategy Pincer maneuver. Association comes from river crabs that are struggling in this way, and whose name in Serbian language is RAK. Serbian Family Ivanovich in old times change family name to Rakas

Wlazlak said about /poland/wlazlak - Hi, my father, Jozef Wlazlak, was Polish, and went to UK after World War 2. I have no other details but would like to find ancestors.

Giovanni Polvani said about /uk/Polvani - It comes from Polvani, a little village in Tuscany (Italy), in the province of Arezzo. People originating form that village has been called Polvani. After WWII some of them emigrated to Argentina, Brazil, USA. the most famous Polvani was Giovanni (not my close relative!), who was Professor of Physics and President of National Society of Physics and of National Council of Research (CNR). He was a colleague and friend of Enrico Fermi, famous for studies and discoveries on nuclear phenomena.

Zoran Borel said about /it/Borel - There is another Borel female: Fanny Nina Borel from Rome.

Mieczyslaw Kotyla said about /poland/Kotyla - Dr Kotyla Czesc. Please get in touch with me my email is

Thuille said about /at/Thuille - Was bedeutet der Name Thuille

Maciej Bocianski said about /poland/Bocianski - Hi, my son´s name ich also Roman, so ..there are already 2 Roman Bocianskis. But we live in Germany.

Elvira said about /poland/Szwabe - Szukam rodziny Anna Schwabe. Urodził się w 1875 Bulkovo

Harnos said about /hungary/Csonka - Elbasztatok 2 én vunk apammal

Holly James said about /canada/Zvarich - my grandfather was harry Zvarich, from west ukraine came to canada in 1912 then to oregon

Kulha said about /slovakia/Kulha - In Finland are people named Kulha. Riitta Kiviniemi Rauma Finland

shakamuri alekhya kumari said about /name/Alekhya - alekhya is an indian name,used for female girls. used mostly by hindus next muslims & in least christians.alekhya in telugu means which cant be described in written format(unwritten).alekhya in sanskrit means which cant be counted(uncountable,infinite). alekhya named has helped maharshi valmiki in writing valmiki raamayanam in forest, here alekhya is nature god who doesnt have no description,no structure & unseen.alekhya means infinity,uncountable,unwritten,uncompatible,unbeatable.... which represents universe. other means of alekhya a doll,a painting,a warrior,a constant picture.

pal said about /ro/Pal - Caut stramosi din petrilaca jud mures

Eileen Schmiechen said about /name/Ahbi - A name was written on my Legal Adoption doc with a price. Perhaps, it reflects a Muslim from Morocco. The other is Sana hbi which is Arabic. My take is its Sanah Bi two words, but San Ahbi is possible.

Maxwell Ukpebor said about /france/Ukpebor - The name Ukpebor is commonly used by Esan (Ishan) Tribe of Southern part of Nigeria. The Esan people are from Edo State of Nigeria. The people populate areas such as Uromi, Ewohimi, Ewatto, Igueben, Irrua, Ubiaja, Ogwa, Ebele,Ewossa,Ekpoma, Ohordua and Ewu in central Edo State, South-South Nigeria. Ukpebor is an old name and commonly used as surname.

Puiu said about /italy/Puiu - Oh and the end I love the fact I have a little bit more of the same thing

Alberto Bionda said about /it/Vergeat - Persone famose Vic Vergeat

SCILTKNECHT said about /fr/Schiltknecht - le nom signifie : Le valet du bouclier, celui qui portait le bouclier du chevalier

okemba chrystina loicia said about /fr/Mounoundzi - pour mon avis,je pense que ce nom signifie-nom d'un rat qui a une bouche longue.

Prcetic Novak said about /sr/Prcetic - Ja sam prcetic Poreklo nam je iz Hercegovine.Osnivac loze Stevica Davidović Zvali su ga Prcko zbog visine. Ivan nam je najznačajniji posto je bio u cetncima.

Barbara Ostacchini said about /it/Ostacchini - Abito in Lombardia provincia Como

MALARTRE said about /france/Malartre - Nom donné aux habitants d'un "mauvais passage" ("Malus tractus" ) entre Rhône et Loire, au Sud du Puy-en-Velay, près du Lac d'Issarlès. Puis transformé en "MALATRA". La prononciation correcte en latin (courant au Moyen-Age) faisait accentuer la voyelle "intérieure" et lisser la finale. Les voix rocailleuses des régions franques (nordiques) y parvinrent en rajoutant un "R" central et en transformant le "A" final en "E". Extrait de "La famille Malartre et ses alliances" de M. François Malartre

Nicola said about /it/Sciacovelli - Sono Nicola sciacovelli

Ioana Mikki said about /romania/Mikki - Hi! I would like to let you know there are more with Mikki surname: me (Ioana Mikki), my husband Amer Mikki and my daughter Sohaila Maria Veturia Mikki. As well, my daughter is not listed in Sohaila as first name.

rossi said about /it/Arcidiaco - how many rossi are there outside Italy?

Lubomir Sestrienka said about /hungary/Szesztrienka - Surname has Slovak origin but 'S' is in Hungarian transcription 'Sz'. Jan Sestrienka *1880 in Zemianske (Nemes) Kostolany in Slovakia migrated before WW1 to Lower Coutry. He establish Hungarian branch of Sestrienka clan. I am genealogist of Sestrienka clan in Slovakia but I have got poor details regarding Hungarian branch.

chloe said about /fr/Conduto - Bonjour c'est pour gagner des montres s'il vous plait

Ceylan said about /name/Ceylan - Doe = female deer

Flo said about /name/Flogert - Hi, the name Flogert is mostly used in Albania. I think that are more than 30 peoples in my country that have that name, including me.


Greg said about /it/Fracazzini - Fracazzini in origine nel medioevo era Fracacino. Questo cognome è presente soltanto a BORGOMANERO (origine nella frazione di Santo Stefano - Vergano) Variante di questo cognome è Fracassini.

Fiona Bowen said about /germany/Ongyerth - My father was George Ongyerth from Roumania are there any relatives

antonela carroga said about /ar/Carroga - en argentina faltaria mi hermana carla carroga

Barriol said about /fr/Barriol - Dérivé de BARRI, Nom du midi qui signifie "au dehors de la cité" Ce nom a d'abord désigné REMPART puis par extension FAUBOURG soit l'habitant du faubourg.(BARRIOS en Espagne)

Ruth said about /ar/Galik - Apellido judio galik saenz peña chaco

Monica Linkilä said about /sweden/Linkila - finns tre till med namnet Linkilä, Lisa-Ronja-Lucas i dalarna

Monica Linkilä said about /sweden/Linkila - finns tre till med namnet Linkilä, Lisa-Ronja-Lucas i dakarna

rali said about /france/Guemrisse - très fort

Abbassa djilali said about /fr/Abbassa - le nom ABBASSA est un mot arabe, il signfié le lion

Mehail Dania Mutalib said about /name/Meshail - I'm always curious what my name means, i didn't have much information about my name, i research but it's not popular but unique

Fazouane said about /fr/fatna - Je saluts tout le monde

Lutgart said about /name/Lutgart - Lutgart= originates from two old germanic names. Liut and Hart. Hart means people /king ? Liut means Defender/spear Thus the names Lutgart means, defender /spear from the people/king.

Patrizia Ugenti said about /brazil/Ugenti - Wow! I'm the only one in 20 millions. I live in São Paulo - Brazil.

Bernard PLAQUIN said about /fr/Plaquin - si vous comptabilisez les Plaquin en fonction des prénoms connus, il vous en manque quelques uns en France . Région Nord : Stéphanie (Star de la danse), Vincent, Julie, William, Jean-Marc, ... en Région Normandie : Valérie, ...

SAID LE BIC said about /fr/Hadji - ce nom signifie pélerin (hadj=pelerinage à la merdque mais aussi escroc/voleur. (polysémique)

romeela khan said about /name/Romeela - My name meaning is fragrance

Laufer Claudio Abel said about /ar/Gradstein - Clara Grandstein, nacida en Buenos Aires, Argentina, falleció

Denise said about /it/sottovia - Presidente Prudente -estado de São Paulo - Brasil

Robert Lubik said about /poland/lubik - Do you have a sister called Liliana Bednorawicz

Schinkelburg said about /fr/Atrott - Plus d'informations sur le nom Atrott:

Cristian said about /it/Doardi - Io conosco e aggiungerei anche Mario, Cristian, Enrico, Fabio e Benedetta Doardi.