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The popularity rank in Canada is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 11042+ people named Zito

» Meaning

Meaning of name Zito is var of Zhito

» Famous people

Barry William Zito is an American left-handed pitcher for Major League Baseball's San Francisco Giants.
Antonio Zito is an Italian footballer who plays for S.
Johnny Zito is a writer, film maker and artist best known for his serialized comic Moon Girl.
Mike Zito is a guitarist, singer, producer, and song writer from St Louis.
Mark Zito is an American entertainer from East Greenwich, Rhode Island.
Bill Zito is an ice hockey sports agent.

» Popular firstnames for surname Zito

      Angelo(2)   Gary(2)   Chantal(2)   Frank(2)   Santo(2)   Rocco(2)   Pietro(2)   Vincent(2)   Elvira(1)   Antonio(1)   Pascal(1)   Mary(1)   Marco(1)   Dominic(1)   Domenico(1)   Pasquale(1)   Emilie(1)   James(1)   Joe(1)   Rob(1)   Giuseppe(1)   Giuseppina(1)   Fred(1)   Richard(1)   Michael(1)   Carmelo(1)   Jim(1)   Joseph(1)   Franco(1)   Robin(1)   Mike(1)  




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