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The popularity rank in Canada is #252
Worldwide there are 86666+ people named Vincent

» Meaning

Meaning of name Vincent is Conquering

» Famous people

Jan-Michael Vincent is a retired American actor best known for his role as helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawke on the 1980s U.
Frank Vincent Gattuso , known professionally as Frank Vincent, is an American actor, musician, author and entrepreneur.
Lou Vincent is a former New Zealand cricketer and batsman.
Ashley Derek Vincent is an English footballer who left Port Vale in May 2013.

» Popular firstnames for surname Vincent

      Michel(55)   Robert(53)   Claude(45)   Paul(43)   Pierre(40)   Jean(38)   John(37)   Andre(37)   Guy(33)   Denis(31)   Richard(31)   Jacques(30)   David(30)   Daniel(28)   Gilles(28)   Rene(27)   William(22)   Roger(21)   Francois(20)   Marcel(20)   Luc(20)   James(20)   Raymond(20)   Marc(18)   Yvon(17)   Thomas(17)   Mario(17)   Bernard(17)   Serge(17)   Wayne(17)   Eric(16)   Yves(15)   Charles(15)   Maurice(15)   Don(14)   Peter(14)   Fred(14)   Benoit(14)   Michael(14)   Carl(14)   Allan(13)   Donald(13)   Albert(13)   Alain(13)   Rejean(12)   Brian(12)   Louis(12)   Normand(12)   Doug(11)   Gordon(11)   Ronald(11)   Ken(11)   Sylvain(11)   Lionel(11)   Stephane(10)   Martin(10)   Calvin(10)   Gilbert(9)   Mark(9)   Joseph(9)   Pascal(9)   Clyde(9)   Jocelyn(9)   Simon(9)   Lucien(8)   Keith(8)   Lloyd(8)   Frank(8)   Terry(8)   Rodney(8)   Arthur(8)   Gerald(8)   Barry(8)   Michelle(8)   Francis(7)   Hubert(7)   Fernand(7)   Jack(7)   Kevin(7)   Dominique(7)   Roy(7)   Chris(7)   Leo(7)   Ron(7)   Jeff(7)   Therese(7)   Patricia(7)   Gerard(7)   Ray(7)   Alfred(7)   Bruce(7)   Dale(7)   Rick(7)   Gaston(6)   Diane(6)   Henri(6)   Jennifer(6)   Glenn(6)   Melanie(6)   Jane(6)   Tyler(6)   Derrick(6)   Corey(6)   Cluney(6)   Roland(6)   June(6)   Maxine(6)   Tom(6)   Real(6)   Sebastien(6)   Cynthia(5)   Kim(5)   Gaetan(5)   Rob(5)   Emile(5)   Howard(5)   George(5)   Randy(5)   Patrick(5)   Sylvie(5)   Patrice(5)   Gary(5)   Isabelle(5)   Mike(5)   Douglas(5)   Louise(5)   Christian(5)   Carole(5)   Marie(5)   Elizabeth(5)   Harry(5)   Anthony(5)   Larry(5)   Julie(5)   Karine(5)   Lise(5)   Steven(5)   Kenneth(5)   Dany(5)   Nancy(5)   Remi(5)   Jerry(4)   Ernest(4)   Reginald(4)   Ralph(4)   Samuel(4)   Chester(4)   Germain(4)   Robin(4)   Graham(4)   Tammy(4)   Andy(4)   Clarence(4)   Cindy(4)   Harold(4)   Boyd(4)   Lisa(4)   Kelly(4)   Harvey(4)   Hazel(4)   Carol(4)   Sophie(4)   Troy(4)   Dave(4)   Darren(4)   Aubrey(4)   Denise(4)   Lester(4)   Philippe(4)   Dean(4)   Alexandre(4)   Ian(4)   Wilbert(4)   Ginette(4)   Dennis(4)   Etienne(4)   Johanne(4)   Bruno(4)   Nicole(4)   Clement(4)   Suzanne(4)   Cathy(4)   Linda(4)   Yvan(4)   Neil(4)   Marco(4)   Leonard(4)   Justin(4)   Adam(3)   Lorraine(3)   Ann(3)   Dexter(3)   Marilyn(3)   Hank(3)   Hughie(3)   Amy(3)   Lewis(3)   Bert(3)   Trent(3)   Baxter(3)   Blair(3)   Shelia(3)   Pierce(3)   Joan(3)   Perry(3)   Mae(3)   Norma(3)   Vanessa(3)   Georges(3)   Chesley(3)   Otto(3)   Laurent(3)   Roxane(3)   Steve(3)   Florian(3)   Ghislain(3)   Josee(3)   Trevor(3)   Judi(3)   Veronica(3)   Phil(3)   Max(3)   Bertrand(3)   Christiane(3)   Jackie(3)   Jonathan(3)   Martine(3)   Marguerite(3)   Catherine(3)   Jessica(3)   Travis(3)   Coralee(3)   Corvin(3)   Cyril(3)   Daisy(3)   Danny(3)   Conn(3)   Colin(3)   Bramwell(3)   Brandon(3)   Clayton(3)   Ena(3)   Garland(3)   Sterling(3)   Ted(3)   Toby(3)   Neta(3)   Lindy(3)   Graydon(3)   Jenna(3)   Justine(3)   Bina(3)   Deano(3)   Donna(3)   Susan(3)   Scott(3)   Abby(3)   Maxwell(3)   Matthew(3)   Wilfred(3)   Doris(3)   Jeanne(3)   Pat(3)   Joe(3)   Bill(3)   Hector(3)   Greg(3)   Sheila(3)   Rachelle(3)   Christopher(3)   Maureen(3)   Jerome(3)   Herbert(3)   Lucy(3)   Doreen(3)   Wilson(3)   Patti(3)   Terrence(3)   Conrad(3)   Maisie(3)   Greta(3)   Glenda(3)   Florence(3)   Dora(3)   Neal(3)   Ford(3)   Glynn(3)   Damien(2)   Murray(2)   Lawrence(2)   Madeleine(2)   Joyce(2)   Erik(2)   Yvette(2)   Stanley(2)   Manon(2)   Dominic(2)   Geoffrey(2)   Guylaine(2)   Ryan(2)  




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