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The popularity rank in Canada is #61
Worldwide there are 13915+ people named Simard

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Meaning of name Simard is not known.

» Famous people

Sylvain Simard is a politician and academic based in the Canadian province of Quebec.
Raymond Simard is a politician from Manitoba, Canada.
Nathalie Simard is a pop singer from Quebec, Canada and sister of performer René Simard.
Christian Simard is a Canadian politician.
Martin Simard is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player.
Henry Simard was a Canadian merchant and political figure in Quebec, Canada.
Sophie Simard is an international freestyle and butterfly swimmer, who competed for Canada at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

» Popular firstnames for surname Simard

      Andre(179)   Michel(177)   Claude(147)   Pierre(134)   Gilles(117)   Jacques(117)   Alain(116)   Denis(115)   Jean(108)   Martin(102)   Daniel(91)   Eric(87)   Guy(85)   Roger(85)   Robert(82)   Luc(82)   Marc(81)   Marcel(74)   Raymond(72)   Sylvain(71)   Serge(70)   Richard(69)   Paul(67)   Rejean(65)   Mario(56)   Yvon(54)   Yves(54)   Gerard(53)   Francois(48)   Real(45)   Benoit(43)   Christian(43)   Normand(42)   Gaston(42)   Stephane(41)   Rene(39)   Gaetan(38)   Fernand(37)   Patrick(37)   Louis(36)   Dany(35)   Jocelyn(33)   Ghislain(32)   Bernard(32)   Yvan(31)   Remi(30)   Regis(29)   Maurice(29)   Gerald(28)   Clement(28)   Donald(26)   Roland(26)   Helene(26)   Dominic(26)   Carl(25)   Julie(25)   Rosaire(25)   Isabelle(24)   Bertrand(24)   Philippe(24)   Charles(24)   Germain(24)   Bruno(23)   Henri(23)   David(23)   Sylvie(22)   Lise(22)   Lucien(21)   Patrice(21)   Robin(21)   Julien(21)   Carol(21)   Frederic(21)   Raynald(20)   Jules(19)   Nicolas(19)   Manon(19)   Diane(19)   Dominique(19)   Danielle(19)   Georges(19)   Louise(18)   Marie(18)   Albert(17)   Etienne(17)   Caroline(17)   Steeve(17)   Chantal(17)   Leo(17)   Ginette(16)   Josee(16)   Denise(16)   Pascal(16)   Laurent(15)   Francine(15)   Melanie(15)   Valerie(15)   Camille(14)   Annie(14)   Sebastien(14)   Line(14)   Linda(14)   Steve(14)   Leon(13)   Laurier(13)   Nancy(13)   Roch(13)   Suzanne(13)   Laval(12)   Joel(12)   Nicole(12)   Gilbert(12)   Monique(12)   Antoine(11)   Nelson(11)   Emile(11)   Pauline(11)   Michael(11)   Martine(11)   Dave(11)   Stephanie(10)   Johanne(10)   Andree(10)   Veronique(10)   Gisele(10)   Carole(10)   Gervais(10)   Alexandre(10)   Carmen(10)   Marcellin(10)   Karine(10)   Catherine(10)   Noel(10)   Camil(10)   Christine(10)   Huguette(10)   Mathieu(10)   Sonia(10)   Remy(10)   Renald(9)   Doris(9)   Genevieve(9)   Simon(9)   Marco(9)   Lionel(9)   Magella(9)   Michelle(9)   Jerome(9)   Jocelyne(9)   Guillaume(8)   Clermont(8)   Hugues(8)   Nicol(8)   Vincent(8)   Olivier(8)   Emilien(8)   Celine(8)   Lucie(8)   Nathalie(8)   Harold(8)   Audrey(8)   Adrien(8)   Mariette(8)   Don(8)   Alfred(8)   Eugene(8)   Lorenzo(7)   Stephan(7)   Ernest(7)   Mireille(7)   Cecile(7)   Leonard(7)   Francis(7)   Jeannine(7)   Armand(7)   Annette(7)   Marlene(7)   Rodrigue(7)   Florent(7)   Joachim(7)   Maxime(7)   Rose(7)   Arthur(7)   Gabriel(6)   Raymonde(6)   Jeannot(6)   Kathy(6)   Martial(6)   Lucienne(6)   Sandra(6)   Guylaine(6)   Romeo(6)   Jacquelin(6)   Jonathan(6)   Rachel(6)   Pascale(6)   Therese(6)   Leopold(6)   Kevin(6)   Lynda(6)   Joseph(6)   Jacqueline(6)   Georgette(5)   Herve(5)   Edmond(5)   Joanne(5)   Claudine(5)   Christiane(5)   Barbara(5)   Damien(5)   Yvette(5)   Claire(5)   Sylvio(5)   Emmanuel(5)   Lyne(5)   Tim(5)   Levis(5)   Chantale(5)   Yolande(5)   Leger(5)   Anne(5)   Micheline(5)   Yanick(5)   Nadia(5)   Hubert(5)   Rolande(5)   Emilie(5)   Edouard(5)   Lisa(5)   Raoul(5)   Annick(5)   Regent(5)   Reginald(5)   Esther(5)   Ruth(5)   John(5)   Yannick(5)   Laureat(5)   Lucette(5)   Tremblay(5)   Mona(5)   Rolland(5)   Fernande(4)   Marjolaine(4)   Justin(4)   Irene(4)   Antonin(4)   Jimmy(4)   Francoise(4)   Lucille(4)   Hugo(4)   Rock(4)   Marthe(4)   Cynthia(4)   Marguerite(4)   Gaby(4)   Ray(4)   Yoland(4)   Florian(4)   Paulo(4)   Brigitte(4)   Almas(4)   Alex(4)   Hector(4)   Omer(4)   Thomas(4)   Gaetane(4)   Lisette(4)   Allan(4)   Raphael(4)   Odette(4)   Danny(4)   Murielle(4)   Janick(4)   Ronald(4)   Tony(4)   Dolores(4)   Johnny(4)   Lili(4)   Jeanne(4)   Langis(4)   Eddy(4)   Frederick(4)   Madeleine(4)   Renee(4)   Colette(3)   Cindy(3)   Ovila(3)   Yan(3)   Odilon(3)   Gustave(3)   Reynald(3)   Ludger(3)   Louisette(3)   Gilberte(3)   Antonio(3)   Gino(3)   Suzie(3)   Bastien(3)   Solange(3)  




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