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The popularity rank in Canada is #7814
Worldwide there are 20497+ people named Ionescu

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Meaning of name Ionescu is long form of ion from ivan

» Famous people

Andrei Ionescu is a Romanian footballer who is currently playing for the Hungarian League club Ferencváros Budapest.
Cristian Ionescu is a Romanian football player.
Ion Ionescu is a Romanian former football striker.
Claudiu Mircea Ionescu is a Romanian football player who currently plays for Foolad F.
Adrian Mădălin Ionescu is a Romanian football player, currently under contract with Delta Tulcea.
Vali Ionescu-Constantin is a retired long jumper from Romania.
Nastasia Nichitov-Ionescu is a Romanian sprint canoer who competed from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.
Marius Viorel Ionescu is a Romanian long-distance runner.
Traian Ionescu was a former Romanian football player and manager.
Atanasia Ionescu was a Romanian artistic gymnast who represented Romania at the 1960 Olympic Games and at the 1964 Olympic Games.

» Popular firstnames for surname Ionescu

      Dan(4)   Marius(3)   Adrian(3)   Paul(2)   Viorel(2)   Mircea(2)   Andrei(2)   Niculae(2)   Mariana(2)   George(2)   Calin(2)   Bogdan(2)   Constantin(2)   Stefan(1)   Stan(1)   Gheorghe(1)   Lucian(1)   Theodor(1)   Vasile(1)   Calinest(1)   Costin(1)   Serban(1)   Cristin(1)   Valeriu(1)   Sorin(1)   Minai(1)   Irina(1)   Radu(1)   Cristina(1)   Victor(1)   Ion(1)   Laurentiu(1)   Mirela(1)   Carolinee(1)   Catalin(1)   Diana(1)   Laurentio(1)   Condela(1)   Peter(1)   Victoria(1)   Emil(1)   Simina(1)   Marian(1)   Valentin(1)   Doru(1)   Felicia(1)   Iosif(1)   Alec(1)   Carmen(1)   Daniel(1)   Sorana(1)   Adriana(1)   Mihnea(1)   Paula(1)   Iulian(1)   Jim(1)   Daniella(1)   Andreea(1)  




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Anestin Dan says: Escu is one of the characteristic endings of Romanian names. Its origins relate to the Latin es cum, showing that those named Ionescu, Petrescu, Calinescu or Popescu, etc were the sons of Ion, Petre, Calin, or a priest's (Popa) son The time made it easier to pronounce escu that es cum.

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