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  3. NB = 6

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United Arab Emirates452

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The popularity rank in Canada is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 2967+ people named Frawley

» Meaning

Meaning of name Frawley is not known.

» Famous people

William Clement Frawley was an American stage entertainer, screen and television actor.
John Frawley is a retired Australian tennis player.
Rod Frawley and five doubles titles during his professional career.
James Frawley is an American director and actor.
Danny Frawley is a former Australian rules footballer and football commentator with Fox Sports.
Dan Frawley was a pioneer Australian rugby league footballer, a national representative player.
Maurice Gerard Frawley was an Australian rock and country blues singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Mick Frawley was an Australian rugby league footballer who played for the Eastern Suburbs club in the New South Wales Rugby Football League premiership.
Craig Frawley was an Australian professional rugby league footballer.
Elizabeth Frawley Bagley is an American attorney specializing in trade and international law, a diplomat, and a major Democratic party donor and fundraiser.

» Popular firstnames for surname Frawley

      Craig(3)   Michael(3)   Fiona(3)   Paul(2)   Robert(2)   Mark(1)   Brenda(1)   Braun(1)   Terry(1)   Bob(1)   Mike(1)   Ruth(1)   Bonna(1)   Roy(1)   Denise(1)   Richard(1)   Philip(1)   Donna(1)   Bernard(1)   Stephanie(1)   Ben(1)   Russell(1)   Keith(1)   Frank(1)  




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