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The popularity rank in Canada is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 11330+ people named Egger

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Meaning of name Egger is not known.

» Famous people

Markus Egger is a retired professional beach volleyball player from Switzerland.
Dave Eggers is an American writer, editor, and publisher.
Joseph Egger was an Austrian character actor of western films.
Elina Elisabeth Eggers is a Swedish platform diver.
Reinhold Eggers was the security officer at Oflag IV-C from November 1940 until April 1945, promoted to chief of security in 1944.
Urs Egger is a Swiss film and television director.
Juerg Egger is a Swiss bobsledder who has competed since 2005.

» Popular firstnames for surname Egger

      Roger(3)   Joe(3)   Fritz(3)   Keith(2)   Gian(2)   Scott(2)   Duaine(1)   Ernst(1)   Adolf(1)   Evelyn(1)   Anton(1)   Rupert(1)   Pamela(1)   Pius(1)   Edwin(1)   Florence(1)   Kyle(1)   Roland(1)   Marcell(1)   Walter(1)   Ken(1)   Patrick(1)   Helene(1)   Manuel(1)   Roy(1)   Ernest(1)   John(1)   George(1)   Cliff(1)   Douglas(1)   Guenther(1)   Adrienne(1)   Lisa(1)   Darcy(1)   Lori(1)   Ronald(1)   Todd(1)   Ray(1)   Irene(1)   Fred(1)   Ralph(1)   Astrid(1)  




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