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The site mainly focuses on surnames, because more people with the same surname in a place, means something: either those people are in the region since long ago and the name originates from there or nearby, or members of the same family for some reason relocated there.

We also have information for first names, but this this is mainly used for entertainment and curiosity and it has no historical value.

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Translated sections:
FR: Lefevre Gaston Platini Chirac Hughes Dupont
MD: Baba Ivan Vasile Dumitru Voicu Popa
RO: Popescu Axinte Miclea Graur Balaur Vanea
DE: Neuer Fritz Bach Griezmann Lange Hein
HU: Gaspar Sandor Fekete Torok Szabone Horvath
CH: Fischer Baumann Egger Kung Schiffmann Fuchs
ES: Garcia Miguel Alba Sivantos Gonzales Cuna
RU: Ivanova Popov Vlasova Pavlova Khaskin Petrov
NO: Olsen Berg Thorsen Dahl Frise Jenssen
IT: Rossi Mauro Guerra Monti Cammeo Rizzo
PL: Nowak Stanislaw Kowalski Duda Mirski Czyzewska
DK: Kuhn Becher Klitaa Johs Rinder Norremark
PT: Miguel Perez Pinto Terencio Rezio Aquino
SE: Skov Brander Hodzic Skagerstrom Sadeghi Bolte
AT: Mann Hans Lieb Krieg Wiesmann Toni
AR: Pablo Hans Diego Antonio Ruiz Estela
NL: Bakker Vaart Jonkman Blusse Magre Cehic
CL: Osco Holz Saba Molina Cassara Fornoni
SK: Voloch Gazak Janeka Human Balovic Adamcsek
CZ: Lasko Novak Hribal Drzka Janev Kracman
SR: Kalaba Raka Budovic Straga Ribaric Jovanovic

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